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AMPTurf was started out of necessity to assist mow, inc. in obtaining beautiful lawns.  With that being said, we decided that we could not only help Mow, Inc., but we could help every property owner, whether the property was a commercial or residential location.

Commercial property owners or managers do not have time to put out the correct amount of pre-emergent, the correct poundage of lime or research the best seed. Some residential property owners do not mind mowing and trimming, but do not want the hassle of scheduling the correct treatment for the proper time of the year.

AMPTurf understands that a beautiful lawn does not just depend on good irrigation and sharp lawn mower blades.  It takes a plan.  It takes a plan that is properly suited for your lawn in your growing zone.  The transitional region that we are in can be very complicated and exhausting to execute an ever changing program.

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My yard is already looking better.  I greatly appreciate the time you spent with me in reference to educating me on exactly what my yard needed, instead of selling me additional treatments that I thought I needed.  Thank you very much.

Ruby M.


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